Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Bike Train

The definition of a great bike is one that makes you giggle every time you ride it. My Epic is no exception. I squeal like a school girl every time I ride it. I've been in love with that bike ever since I've heard of it's conception from Specialized. 29 inch wheels, dual suspension, all for around 25 lbs. It is awesome. It climbs brilliantly, descends like a missile, and is very fast everywhere else. Frankly, It is more bike than I really need. It does have one major flaw. It is the DT Swiss through axle rear hub thingy. Why is it a flaw? Because I can't hook up my kids Chariot hitch! That's right. I can't pull my kids in their trailer. All of this carbon super bike and I can't pull my kids around the block. Que the bike train. My solution was to pick up a used Adam's Trail A Bike attached to the seat post, and the chariot hitch to the axle of the Trail A Bike. It's a little long and cumbersome. Cornering is tricky, but we gets a lot of smiles from the kids and innocent bystanders. Best of all, it makes me giggle.

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