Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paintbrush Divide

Michelle and I hiked Paintbrush Divide this weekend. We had planned on doing the 20 miles in 3 days, but we ended up wrapping it up in 2. This was Michelle's first backpacking experience. Judging by the amount of time she spent looking through her viewfinder on her camera, I would say she loved the trip! Here are the highlights:

The first night right below Holly Lake. That is Leigh Lake and Jackson Lake in the background.

The next Iron Chef? 
Holly Lake

Michelle with a death grip on her ice ax.
Snow fields in July

"Brady. Can we please go on an anniversary trip that does not require bear spray, ice axes, and digging holes to go to the bathroom?"
The high point

Descending 4000 feet in 8 miles was beautiful, but rough.
We have never enjoyed the Jenny Lake shuttle boat so much!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Summer So Far

It has been a while since I have shared anything. The summer is zooming by as usual. We have had a ton of fun adventures to share. Here are just a few:

Mother's day was our 4th trip into the park for the year. We had skied in, rode our bikes in, and this weekend was the second time that we got to drive in. This picture was taken on Storm Point, one of our family's new favorite hikes. We hiked about 13 miles this weekend. 

The older girls and I backpacked into Leigh Lake in the Tetons for a night. It was a two mile hike that opened up into this awesome lake. I had no idea that we would have our own private beach for the evening.

Fishing the Box Canyon is a family favorite.

Andie likes the Box Canyon. We watched an Osprey defend her nest against a Bald Eagle on this trip.

We went back into the park for father's day. We are on track to beat our single season record of seeing 32 bears in one season! This guy was about a mile from our camp trotting along side the rode. Michelle has much better pictures, but I like this one that was taken with my little camera through the binoculars.

This is Katelyn identifying animal tracks with Mom on the Cascade Lake trail.  

The road less traveled.

Family picture

Eric Greenwood. Sherpa, Manny, Photographer Extraordinaire.

Fishing at Cave Falls. The fishing was great, despite the insane mosquitoes. Andie, Fish. Fish, Andie.
I love this picture.

This is Kellie's first fish that she ever caught. It was on a fly rod with a #12 Royal PMX.