Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kelly Canyon Ski Hut

I thought it would be fun to take my older 2 girls, a couple of senior citizens, and all of the gear and haul it all up the hill for a night of camping at the ski hut at Kelly Canyon. I felt like a bit of a pack mule, but it was a great time for my kids to bond with Grandma and Grandpa. It was also nice for Michelle and Andie to get some one on one time.
Katelyn poised and ready in her cockpit. See the sled in the back ground? It got strapped to the back of the kid's sled. I looked like a train.

Working our way up the hill.

Kellie rockin' the flats.

Home sweet home for the evening.

Hot dogs and fruit dip anyone?

Grandma and Katelyn

Katelyn photo-bombing Grandpa

The sleeping arrangement: I gave the elderly folks the cots, the girls huddled in the middle, and  my bag across the front of it all so I could man the fireplace. I never heard a peep out of the girls. My mom, however, snores louder than my dad. Nobody tell her.

We woke up to and skied home in a blizzard. Thank heavens for chemical hand warmers.