Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A peak into Santa's bag

I've got spring fever and it isn't even December yet!! I spent some time Sunday night scavenging through a hiking Idaho guide book. The results were fruitful. I found 6 lakes within 110 miles from my house that were within a 2 mile hike. Translation? 6 lakes for me to take the girls backpacking to!! Here is a list of the lakes:

Moose Lake
Iron Bog Lake
Bear Creek Lake
Merriam Lake
Mill Creek Lake
Nez Perce Lake

Can you say awesome?

This got me thinking about my Christmas list for us. I've sent my letter to the North Pole and here is what I'm asking for:

For Katelyn. A little more space for her teddy bear (and it comes in purple).

For Kellie. She will be 6. That's old enough to share the load, right?

Garmin 62s. I want to be able to find my way to the trailhead and be able to accurately answer the question: "Dad! How much further?"
Do not worry. I did not forget Mom and Andie. Their presents will remain a secret. For now.

Merry Christmas everybody!!

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