Sunday, October 9, 2011

Andie's first trip to Yellowstone......

Our last trip to Yellowstone for the year was a snowy one. We stayed at Madison campground because it was the only place that was open! It seems like the park closed up way early this year. We did something this time we have never done before. We came home early! It turns out that our batteries on our trailer were shot. Despite our best efforts, our batteries (and furnace) would die at around 3 am. Temps inside the trailer would drop into the 40s in the morning. The older girls were fine, but Andie and Michelle didn't sleep much!! Despite the early exit it was still fun to see the park as a winter paradise!
All of the snow made wildlife easy to find.

Katelyn was so proud of her snowman.

I've always hated generators. I've always cussed at people who use them. Dad happened to have an extra to let us try. I had to swallow my pride and use it. It saved our trip. The white floating things are snow flakes!!

One of the few moments that Andie was awake (at least during the day). I love her bear ears.

The true definition of a true outdoorsman is when you will have a picnic no matter what.

Our last animal we saw was this Grizzly at about 100 yards. This was taken with my little camera through Michelle's binoculars. 

Same picture, but before editing.

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