Saturday, January 7, 2012

You can't hold them back forever.......

Today was Kellie's first trip on skis. Michelle and I were both apprehensive about letting her try and we did not think she would make it very far. Boy, we were wrong! After a brief clinic from "Uncle Rico", we put the skis on her and pointer her in the direction of the trails and she took off like a rocket. She was unstoppable!! The very few times that she did fall, she popped right back up and carried on. Michelle and I shared several looks of disbelief. It made me a very happy man! Katelyn had a total blast riding on Eric's back and Andie slept through the whole thing. It was a perfect day at Harriman!

If she wasn't asleep, she was smiling!
Uncle Rico is always a willing Manny and a pack mule.

The star of the show!

There is a sleeping 6 month old in that wad of blankies.

Kellie and Mom

The crew. We were running out of daylight to get back to the car. Kellie was not happy when we made her get in the trailer for the trip home. She skied about a mile and a half unassisted! She did great!


  1. I can't imagine skiing with a kid on my back and I had no idea they made a stroller for skiing! I'm truly impressed! I could never do that with Quino, I know I'd fall over and injure us all! Congrats on your incredible little skiier!

  2. seriously... you guys are too much. a baby carriage on skis.